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Fish therapy – also known as ichthyotherapy – is a beauty and health regimen using the Garra Rufa, or doctor fish. This a treatment gaining recognition, as the cosmetic and health benefits become more widely known across the globe. Once only familiar to locals in the region of Turkey, their practical use has now become popular just about everywhere.

History and benefits of fish therapy

These beautiful little fish, known to originate in Turkey, have a long and storied history (1) of therapeutic use. As word spread on the advantages of their healing properties, a niche market surfaced, allowing people to experience the practice in spas worldwide.

Typically, fish therapy is used as an enjoyable, soothing way to gently exfoliate the skin during a pedicure. However, its use as a therapeutic procedure for the treatment of various skin disorders, such as psoriasis and eczema, is gaining popularity.

A 2006 study (2) published in the scientific Oxford-Journal “Evidence Based Complementary and Alternative Medicine” demonstrated considerable effectiveness in treating psoriasis. Out of 67 study participants, 91% stated they received “substantial satisfaction” with the treatment.

When it comes to a “fish pedicure,” the satisfaction comes from many aspects. Generally, this spa-like treatment begins with dipping your feet in a sterilized, warm water tank. The little fish begin to gently nibble any dead skin (no worries, they don’t have teeth, so they do not bite). The sensations have been described as stimulating, relaxing, tingling, and akin to a light massage.

So, are you ready to find out where to get this unique experience?

Prime locations to find fish therapy around the world

There are many locations across the globe where you can enjoy a therapeutic fish treatment.

For a soothing fish pedicure In the U.K., you can visit the Beauty Beneath Hair and Beauty Salon, located in Sheffield, Feel Good Beauty in Uttlesford, Essex, Simply Chic Health and Beauty, in Walkden, Manchester, Beauty With Inn at Park Inn Hotel in Northampton, Northamptonshire, Nails Expert in Leyton, London, and Kutz and Beauty Lowford, in Locks Heath, Hampshire.

In the U.S., spas featuring fish therapy and pedicures are located in Virginia at Yvonne’s Day Spa and Foot Spa, in Missouri at Nail Lounge and Vic’s Nails and Spa, in Delaware at the Sunlight Salon, and Maryland at LN Nails and Tan. All offer several choices in fish spa pedicure treatments.

Other spas of note include the “Dr. Kiss Fish” pedicure in Yokohama, Japan, the Kenko Wellness Spa in Singapore, the elegant Garra Rufa fish spa in Paphos, Cypress, and Charlie’s Massage and Beauty in Bangkok, Thailand.

No matter where you go for your fish therapy, it is guaranteed to be one of the most unique treats you will ever experience. And if you have been lucky enough to get a Garra Rufa fish treatment already, please share your experience and insights in the comments below.